Azure Data & AI MVP Challenge - Video

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The Azure Data & AI MVP Challenge is now behind me, with several learnings, a certification and a few articles on the subject. So here is a video from The Bracket Show in which we walked through some of the features that I had the chance to learn during this month.

The video

All the learning modules used for this video are available in this collection.

MVP Challenge Articles

For those who haven't seen the previous articles, here they are:
The first part is available here: Part 1
The second part is available here: Part 2
The third part is available here: Part 3
The fourth part is available here: Part 4
The fifth part is available here: Part 5

Learning collections

Here is a summary of the various learning collections created during this challenge:
Collection on Data & AI: See the collection
Collection on the Machine Learning: See the collection
Collection on image analysis: See the collection
Word Analysis Collection: See the collection
Collection for the Bracket Show episode: See the collection


This challenge has been very positive for me. I learned a lot while discovering a world that I did not know. I'm not an expert in AI, however I now have a lot of tools at my disposal that open up a world of possibilities, both for personal projects and for work.
And you, have you taken the time to explore what AI has to offer? Please let me know in the comments!


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